Monday, April 18, 2011

Beef Parmigiano

Here's a recipe for beef parmigiano and step by step cooking instructions.

To start, decide on your compliment for this dish. If white rice, make sure you cook it before hand. If spaghetti, it can be cooked at the same time. Have 1gal of water in a big pot on high heat and I'll raise a flag when I think would be a good time in the process for starting cooking it.

For the ingredients:

-2lb of eye round roast (used on this recipe), tri-tip roast, beef tenderloin or top sirloin. All would work. Get a piece that you can slice into steaks.
-1 onion
-2 table spoons chopped garlic
-4 cans of minced tomatoes or equivalent in fresh tomatoes
-1 can of tomato paste (6oz)
-3 cups bread crumbs
-2 eggs
-1/4 cup whole milk
-1 tea spoon thyme powder
-1 tea spoon oregano
-1 tea spoon liquid smoke
-1 tea spoon tarragon
-Kosher salt and black pepper
-3 1/2 cups vegetable oil, preferred peanut oil
-1 tea spoon baking soda
-1 tea spoon urucum (or achiote or annatto),a natural red food colorant (optional)
-8oz shredded mozzarella cheese

Here's an overview of almost all ingredients.

Now to the cooking.

Start trimming off some fat from your meat. Leave as lean as possible.
Slice steaks about 1/2in thick.
Lay it on a cutting board and flat it with a meat tenderizer.

Season the steaks with salt, pepper and thyme.Reserve.
Chop the onions and garlic.

Set a pot on high heat, add 1/2 cup oil and the onions.
Saute' until gloden, then add the garlic.
Once the garlic is cooked, add the optional red colorant. Stir and quickly add the minced tomatoes.

Add the tomato paste.
And the spices, tarragon, oregano and the liquid smoke.

Add the baking soda to 1oz of water, mix to dissolve, then add to the pot.
You will notice some foaming. That is the baking soda taking down the acidity. Stir to mix well. Foam should dissipate in few seconds. Adjust salt to taste.
Let the sauce simmer at low heat while preparing the steaks

FLAG! The 1gal water set to boil previously, for the spaghetti, should be boiling by now. Add 1 tea spoon of salt and the spaghetti. Cook for 10 to 15 minutes until cooked to the level you like (soft or al dente). By the time you finish the beef parmigiano, you should be able to drain the water and add some butter, salt and black pepper to your spaghetti. Or cook it the way you like it.

Add the milk to the eggs. Whisk to combine.
Set on the bench the steaks, egg batter and bread crumbs, like below.
Dip each steak in the egg batter to completely cover it, let it drip a bit and move to the bread crumbs. Cove it well with the bread crumbs and set then on a tray.

Now add 3 cups of oil to a frying pan and heat to 300F.

Fry each steak, one side first, then turn it over and fry until cooked.

Lay the steaks in baking cookware, individually of family size portions.
Top with cheese.
And sauce. You want lots of sauce, completely covering each steak.
Last thing, a dash of parmigiano reggiano cheese.

Take to the oven at 450F for few minutes until bubbling hot.

Here's a individual portion, with white rice.

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