Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cheese Pizza

Basic cheese recipe:

-set 1 cup lukewarm water with 1 TBS dry yeast + 1 tsp sugar + 1 tsp flour, whisk and let foam.
In a mixer, mix 2 cups flour + 2 TBS gluten + 1 tsp salt + 1 tsp sugar + 1 tsp dough conditioner (if available) + 4 TBS dough relaxer (if available). Combine.
-Add water mix to mixer + 1/4 cup olive oil, knead for 5min in medium high speed.

Set dough in a warm place for 30min. here a pre-warmed regular oven at 84F.

Open dough to desired size.

 Here, using a pizza roller docker to avoid bubbles.
 Using a perforated tray to provide a crispy bottom.

 Left over dough turned into dough chips!

 Adding white sauce
 Tomatoes, onions, olive oil and dash of oregano
 Baked for 15min at 450F

 Crispy delicious pizza!