Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Duck Breast

First time cooking duck, ever, and must say "this is amazing"!

Just by watching cooking shows, got some basic knowledge for doing this recipe and honestly, came out pretty good.


Two duck breasts, skin on
Black pepper

How simpler can this list be?

Got a whole duck from Costco, frozen, kept in freezer for few weeks until time for cooking. Defrost in cold water overnight and here's the breasts, clean, skin on. It is very important to keep the skin!

Then salt to taste and some black pepper also, both sides. Heat skillet to medium high and add the breasts, skin down. Add no oil, nothing. Cook until skin is crispy, turn over.

Sear the meat side for few minutes, then into 400F oven for 5min.

Remove from oven and let sit for 5min.
Remember to not grab the skillet with bare hands, like I did. I know, very stupid but it happens. Holding an ice bag right now as I type :-(
The meat should be cooked to medium. This first attempt was a little overcooked I think.

Seriously, this tastes great, a mix of beef and pork. The skin gives an amazing flavor.

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